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I Cancer Vive: Our Story

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Admit it, some of you have gotten in your car after a bad haircut and cried all the way home. Whether it's a haircut that doesn't work or a color that isn't you, we have all been there. You go home. You complain to your friends and family. You try to style it a million different ways to make it look more like you envisioned. In the end you just have to wait for it to grow out and find another stylist with whom you connect with. A lot of people get a big part of their confidence from their hair. If you are having a bad hair day it can make you self conscious, irritated, and just bring you down!

Now take yourself back to that place where you hated your hair and just felt terrible. Hair, for some, is one of the main things that gives them confidence. Imagine having that feeling AND having to fight cancer. At a time when strength and confidence is needed most, it takes a lot to keep a positive attitude when you just don't feel like yourself! A huge part of your self image is taken from you! That is how some people who are going through cancer treatment feel everyday.

As hairstylists, we build a very strong personal connection with our guests. It's our job to help make you feel beautiful, confident and uniquely you. In order for us to do this, we learn about your likes, dislikes, your lifestyle, your job and more. There is a trust and confidence that must be built. It is this bond that makes us believe it's our duty to do something to help. Our guests always support us in our business and our lives. Its our turn to support them.

The Fringe team got the idea for I Cancer Vive in 2015. We had a long-time client get diagnosed with breast cancer. She came into the salon shortly after her first round of treatment to get her shoulder length hair cut into a pixie. As Trisha shampooed her hair, it was already coming out in clumps in her hands. It was shocking. We knew hair can fall out during chemotherapy, but we had never seen it first hand. Later that night Trisha was talking to the other stylists about how devastating it was to see her hair come out so aggressively. It was then "I Cancer Vive" was born. We had already been hosting a cut-a-thon every year to raise money for "Look good, feel better" (which is another amazing organization). After seeing a need so close to home, we decided to take the money from the cut-a-thon and keep it local. This allowed us to give it directly to our clients and community members instead! We now partner with Dawn at Angel Hair Designs in Flushing. Whenever we have a guest who is in need of a wig we set an appointment up with Dawn. Dawn helps them pick out a look. Some prefer that it is similar to their regular hair, while some try out a brand new look! Picking out a new look during this time can be very empowering!

Luckily, not all people lose their hair during cancer treatment. We also offer complementary services such as facials, massages and pedicures during their treatment. This is a great way to relax and feel pampered during such a trying time! Once a year we also host our I Cancer Vive beauty event. At this event we invite local women going through cancer treatment to come in the salon for a full day of beauty. Each person receives a mini facial, a massage, a shellac manicure, full makeup application with a lesson, a shampoo and style or a new wig of their choice! The guests also go home with a gift card for a pedicure and a bag full of Aveda skin and hair care products to help them regrow their hair! This event is an awesome way for local women to meet each other and share stories. We are so honored and lucky to be able to continue making our guests feel confident and beautiful no matter what obstacles they are facing. Thank you to all who have supported I Cancer Vive!

Check out this video from the 2017 and 2018 beauty event! #Fringelennon #ICancerVive

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